3 Ways To Scare Off Potential Dates With Your Dating Profile

Depending on the dating site you join, you could be competing against hundreds or thousands of other men or women to get the attention of someone special. Your dating profile plays a major role in that. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression and if you have a boring profile, potential dates might click pass yours. Fortunately, avoiding these mistakes will help you create the right profile for you:

Filling Your Profile with Clichés

The idea behind creating a dating profile is to stand out from others. If you use a lot of clichés and well-worn adjectives that every other profile on the site does, you will quickly blend into the background. Although you might be an adventurous, intelligent, and compassionate person, so is everyone else on the site. Or so they claim.

Instead of falling back on clichés, try sharing some of your opinions or thoughts on random subjects that interest you. For instance, if you like writing, talk about why you do. Remember, you are not trying to attract everyone on the site. You want to aim for the right one.

Talking About the Person You Do Not Want

It might seem logical to make note of all the things you do not want in a partner, but it can be a huge turnoff. When you are thinking about filling out the section about your ideal mate, try to avoid using any negative descriptive, such as lazy or cheater. No one wants any of those people either.

You need to instead focus on the positive things you want in a mate. If you still want to discourage certain people from reaching out to you, put a positive spin on it. For instance, instead of saying you do not want a liar, try saying that you prefer someone who values honesty.

Telling a Sob Story

Many of the people you will encounter on the dating sites have a bad story about a relationship. It might seem reasonable to share your own, but you could be setting yourself up to be a counselor instead of a potential mate.

People who connect with you on the site might be more tempted to share their own sob story rather than find out more about you. It is okay to share your story, but not now. Save the story for after the first few dates with a prospect.

Striking the right balance in a dating profile is challenging. You can cut through all of the hardships that come with writing a bad profile by signing up for a dating profile writing service. Not only will a pro help you avoid the aforementioned mistakes, but others that could lead to loneliness. 

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